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This project ShopTime was made using Visual Studio, asp.net and Microsoft’s C#. The concept is a type of queuing system which would allow shops to monitor and manage how many clients is in a shop at a time. Through this system, we would be able to more efficiently keep to the social distancing rules.

Home Screen

Login Screen

Booking Screen

Booked Screen



This project was made using asp .net and C#. For the database implementation, I chose to use MySQL. The system was build with Visual Studio. 

Current queue

Keeping track of where you currently are in a queue Get in the queue – Allow a user to get in the queue

Additional Functionality

Available Cashiers – Check the available cashiers at a certain shop General info – Brief description of the shop

Potential Future Functionality

The estimated time left in the queue Online booking/shopping – book the items you would like to buy Map – A map of supported shops Geolocation – This would only allow a user to make a booking if they are in the shop’s area Priority user – Will give a disable or elderly person priority in the queue.